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At the table with Le Bistro du Parc

With its Prussian blue façade, fronted by large, leafy green plants and a chalkboard full of specials, Le Bistro du Parc doesn’t look like a restaurant you’d find near the Moolchand flyover. The Gallic charm extends to the interiors, with rustic wood tables and sunflower bunches, and, of course, a menu of simple but rich French fare.

The always stylish and always friendly owner, Naina de Bois-Juzan, told us a little bit about herself:

Tell us about your personal style:
I don't really have a personal style, I change my clothes and style according to my mood and the seasons. It also depends on where I am – and on my mental and physical space.

If you could have anyones wardrobe, whose would it be?
Claire Underwood in House of Cards, any James Bond girl. I also love the style of Frida Kahlo (she always has flowers in her hair!). Jacqueline Kennedy for the little black dress with three-quarter sleeves and Hermes scarves. And Maharani Gayatri Devi, for her cool chiffon sarees and pearls.

My go-to hostess gift to give:
I would send a bouquet of flowers, delivered the next day after the dinner, with a thank you note.

A great party involves:
A nice mixture of different generations, a great music list, and champagne!

The taste I couldn't live without:
I'm not too sure but I prefer salt to anything sweet.

One must-have kitchen tool:
A good oven.

Naina shared two recipes with us, a cocktail and smoothie hybrid that you’ll find here and a super-simple salad dressing, here.

For more information on Le Bistro du Parc, or to get in touch, visit their website.

This full moon’s extra special, and we’ve got prices to match.

Special Pricing goes live
Online 14 + 15 December All Day
In-store 14 - 18 December 11 am To 8 pm