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Cranes in the sky

The creative process is a tricky one, and it varies dramatically from profession to profession, and from one individual to another. We’re fascinated with that creative process here at Nicobar, and for us as well, one of the most significant cogs in that wheel is the space in which it all takes place. For home stylists, this place is the supply cupboard, or the hardware store, and to start we’re taking a peek into our own photo studio.

Our home stylist Shohini (you can find her here) pulled out all the stops from what’s now become a bit of a craft catalogue for Nicobar’s studio (and our dream home) setups. And with this unrelenting supplies closet, we looked to the land of the rising sun for origami cranes.

How to make your crane:

Step 1: Begin with an A4-sized sheet. Fold diagonally from tip along the edge to get a square cutaway.

Step 2: Dog ear either side of the triangle you get from folding diagonally along the square cutaway.

Step 3: Flatten out the smaller square you should be seeing by now. Dog ear either side of the top sheet along the centre.

Step 4: Fold down a small triangle at a right angle from the dog ears you've just made.

Step 5: Open out the folds from steps 3 & 4. Prop up the top sheet and flatten it out on itself.

Step 6: Flip over and repeat steps 4 through to 6. Fold along creases to get a diamond-shaped bit.

Step 7: Dog ear the diamond-shaped beaut you’re seeing along centre on either side of the top sheet. Flip over and repeat on the other side.

Step 8: Fold up along the pointed edge towards the centre on either side.

Step 9: Unfold sides and tuck sides up into the folds.

Step 10: Fold along the edge of the sides to give your crane a head.

Step 11: Upturn top sheet for wings.

Step 12: You’re seeing a winner! String along a piece of twine or handout as souvenirs to unsuspecting guests.

More DIY? We’ve got dip-dyed planters here, and a bunch of twine-wrapped candles here.

This full moon’s extra special, and we’ve got prices to match.

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