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Food Styling Pro-Tips

Admit it: you’ve taken pictures of your food for Instagram.
Admit this also: your photograph never looks quite like those gorgeous food feeds (hello @food52), but here’s the good news, it can.

We met with Shivesh Bhatia of #BakeWithShivesh, a whiz in the kitchen as well as with a camera, who gave us a little set of pointers to prettify our cake-portraits. Cue social media click-bait for the gluttonous.

The right light
Always use natural light to take pictures. Artificial lights are not ideal for food photography.

The right angle
Understand the food that you are shooting and decide the angle accordingly. Experiment and shoot from various angles and decide what works the best.

The right prop
While styling, use the tools that you used during the process of baking in the picture. I very often use whisks, knives and spatulas in my pictures.

Tell a story
Narrate a story. Weave a story around your food and use the props accordingly. This helps the viewers to connect with the food in the picture.

For more on Shivesh, read his answers to the Nico Q&A here.

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