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Holiday Reading: Cereal magazine

You might not even need a vacation after leafing through a copy of Cereal, a quarterly travel and style magazine. It’s relaxing just to read it: the design is minimalist and placid, and each issue goes in-depth on a few cities and their culture, rather than a cluttered spread that throws in everything. Much of Cereal’s focus is on design – from clothing to interiors to architecture – and its pages are as meticulously put together as the objects they discuss. Food is integral to the magazine, too: not just effortlessly chic cafés (though those are in there) but stories about where food comes from, how it’s cultivated, the various unexpected forms it takes – for example, black pepper ice cream. In case you’re hoping to maximize the Instagram potential of your holiday, we suggest browsing through one of their city guides: Cereal has a knack for suggesting white-on-white B&Bs and bistros that always manage to be saturated with natural light (even if it’s raining).

Order your copy online – if you’re in luck, you might also find an issue or two at Lovebirds, Delhi.

For more Cereal, or to subscribe, visit the website.

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