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Nicobar Cocktail Club: Coco Rosie

Welcome to Nicobar’s Cocktail club, where we gather round the kitchen island to do what we do best: drink. There’s a wealth of beautifully crafted cocktails out there, and we’re dipping our pinkies into the game, trying our hand at cocktails we like to quaff, while making sure they’re easy to enough to replicate even as the hours wear on. Expertly chilled, and exceptionally balanced… sometimes. Delicious and so much fun, always.

Puerto Rico might’ve given us the piña colada, but we’re lightening up that creamy concoction into something a little better suited to our stratospheric summer temperatures. With a name borrowed from a once-favourite band, we’ve swapped out the coconut cream for coconut water, rum for vodka, and added a can of sparkling Good Juicery guava juice to the mix. A Puerto Rican spring segues into an Indian summer with ease.

You will need:
1 measure of Absolut vodka
1 can of Good Juicery Sparkling Pink Guava
1 can of coconut water or, even better, fresh coconut water
A quarter cup of diced pineapple
A sprig of mint leaves
Lemon juice
Ice, and lots of it

Muddle diced pineapple in a goblet, and add in vodka and lime juice. Throw in some ice, and top it off with Good Juicery’s Sparking Pink Guava juice and coconut water. Throw in some Coconut LaCroix if you can find it, and…drink.

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