All things Chocolate

To properly experience “good” chocolate, you’ve got to put down that bar of Dairy Milk. We never (ever) knock the classics, but there’s nothing that beats a bar of chocolate that treats the cacao bean with the respect it deserves. Even if you’re a Hershey’s die-hard, you’ll have to have been living in a subterranean chamber to not know what we’re talking about. Yep, we’re talking single-origin, bean-to-bar, and up-to-the-yazoo cacao content. Once the preserve of a select bunch of chocolate connoisseurs, and made trendy by the Mast Brothers internationally, there’s now a great new crop of homegrown producers, and All Things Chocolate are one of our favourites.
With perfect packaging and cool, ‘themed’ bars, Kuhu Kochar and Tejasvi Chanderi make pretty flawless chocolate. The brand is, they will tell you, inspired by the simple joys of life. Think cups of tea, sentimental postcards, soft razais, or a light-as-air cake; memories compressed and packaged into slabs of chocolate. Each bar has it’s own set of inspirations. Our favourite have to be the Breakfast bar (with biscotti) and the Barcelona bar, that’s steeped in sangria. Get your own slab of chocolate at their shop, or visit their Facebook page here.