At the table with All Things Chocolate

Kuhu Kochar and Tejaswi Chanderi are the creators of the All Things Chocolate range. Friends since the time they both raced for the cherries atop a birthday cake at a party in Jaipur, Tejaswi is the line’s chef, while Kuhu, a designer by profession, is behind the brand’s flawless packaging. They might have diverse talents, but their vision for the line is perfectly in-sync, and evident even as Tejaswi is in a chef’s apron, swindling molten chocolate in a pan, while Kuhu sits down with future concepts.

“Traditionally, I would be doing something else, but if I did, but then who’d make these”, Tejaswi says, as she holds up a decadent Whiskey filled chocolate bar, she might say it in jest, but we’re nodding in vehement agreement. They talked with us about their future plans (there are a lot more berry flavours in the offing) and their rules for chocolate (there are none, a bar of chocolate can be eaten at any time of the day).
What is the inspiration behind All Things?
Kuhu: We were both looking for passion projects in our lives when we met, something new and challenging that really drives us. And All Things for me became exactly that, an idea that brings together a variety of styles, mediums and messaging. From old sketchbooks to tile patterns on holidays the inspiration comes from everywhere.

Kuhu, do you feel like the chocolate is making you a better designer?
Kuhu: It's making me a happier one for sure.

Favourite dessert?
Tejaswi: Mille Feuille. It’s also known as the Napoleon to those that aren’t affiliated with French pastry. It’s simply divine! I make it myself but I strongly advise everyone who ever visits Paris to eat one in any patisserie in the city.
Kuhu: Apple pie. I make a terrible version of it myself. My mother, on the other hand, makes one with beautiful flaky pastry and two different kinds of apples.

Dark chocolate or milk?
Tejaswi: Dark Chocolate, most definitely.
Kuhu: Milk chocolate for me.

Do you have a favourite brand of Indian chocolate?
Tejaswi: Five star! An eternal favourite.
Kuhu: I used to eat an average of 5 to 10 milky bars a week as a child.

Kitchen soundtrack?
Tejaswi: I love listening to Bossa Nova. It’s very relaxing when deep in mounds of cocoa.
Kuhu: Almost everything from Flume to The Beatles.

Your go-to hostess gift?
Tejaswi: I love gifting Honeycomb and now we have All Things Air which is dark chocolate with honeycomb, so I’ve switched my favourite to that.
Kuhu: Depends entirely on who the gift is going to.

A great party involves...
Tejaswi: Cocktails, dance music and great food. No great food, no great party.

To get myself in the party mood, I…
Tejaswi: Need to have good music playing.
Kuhu: Put on great music and get off technology.

Favourite flavour of chocolate?
Tejaswi: I love All Things Breakfast. I am a huge fan of Coffee and Biscotti.
Kuhu: Milk Chocolate with Raspberry Coulis.

Coffee or tea?
Tejaswi: Coffee, any day.
Kuhu: I’m a tea girl, through and through.

Your top food memory:
Tejaswi: Recently I was in Paris and I went for an amazing brunch at Thoumieux. The layout was mindblowing, and their Eggs Benedict with truffle shavings and baby spinach was to die for.
Kuhu: I was 15 and on a student exchange in Singapore, it started with me trying squid on a stick on a 5 Dollar bet. By the end of it, I, a butter chicken junkie, had eaten everything from octopus soup to frog leg porridge on one trip (sans bets).

Favourite drink?
Tejaswi: Hot Chocolate with mini marshmallows.
Kuhu: Fresh watermelon juice, beer or a Negroni.

And your favourite dish?
Tejaswi: I can eat Rajma Chawal everyday.
Kuhu: Crispy Duck with fire roasted plum sauce.

A quick tip for anyone visiting Jaipur:
Tejaswi: Must go to Jaigarh for a picnic during the monsoon, I’ve done it all through my childhood and still go on big family picnics when I’m back in the city.
Kuhu: Ask the locals for help. The city is full of smaller semi-traditional establishments that have become legends in their own right. There's a 'go to guy' for everything in Jaipur from fabric to mutton, ask around, find the guy, explore. Get your own slab of chocolate at their shop, or visit their Facebook page here.