In the Kitchen with Addicted

The 3pm slump is real. Around that time of day you’ll find us scrabbling around for sugar in any form we can get our mitts on, but on the day Addicted came to visit we were rescued from our midday slump by Nutella sea salt brownies that’ve spoiled us for all subsequent afternoons.
Ridhima Khanna is a dab hand with a whisk and flour. The owner of Addicted, a service that churns our baked treats of all sorts, healthy and indulgent, Ridhima put together a hamper for us that translated as well in images as it did to our bellies. We sampled white chocolate cranberry pistachio bars that could put The Hershey Company to shame, berry-hued macarons that demanded a party of their own (does gathering around the office island count?), a cinnamon brioche with a side of maple cinnamon butter that stole the show… we could keep going, but we’d rather you headed over and perused her offerings yourself.

It’s not all indulgence though. In fact, we started our day out with a a great deal of virtue, over a bowl full of granola topped with apricot, cranberry, coconut and raisins. Let’s face it, this is nesting season, and as we plan dedicated cocoon time, we’re going to need sustenance for the cold months. Consider this a recommendation, and a hint of our meal plan. Yep, we’re addicted.