Koinonia Coffee

There’s something about coffee (especially for those who’re hopelessly hooked) that breathes life into a day or sets you up when you need to burn the midnight oil. We love its heady aroma (and everything about it really) but what makes a cup of Joe our favourite beverage is that it brings us all together for little workday breathers.
Koinonia Coffee Roasters is the new roastery on the coffee circuit, and plays on these very sentiments. A vested interest in the provenance of their beans means their coffee is thoughtfully curated, plus their name is the Greek word for community which is the ethos upon which their product is built. Koinonia’s entire process from bean to cup was the outcome of an open dialogue between the farmers, roasters, extractors, and the end consumer, and champions local produce that is largely exported to the international market, so if you’re looking to South America for a quality brew you may want to rein in your sights to something that’s a little closer to home.
Settled in the narrow bylanes of Khar in Mumbai, Koinonia’s little roastery and tasting room can accomodate just a handful of people but the aromas that swirl within are enough to entice an entire city. We had a little goody bag sent to us, filled with whole and ground beans, all crafted from single origin 100% Arabica beans. To the folks at Koinonia, roasting coffee is much more than just a profession; they refine the beans, change them even, and tease the very best of flavour to draw out its true potential. We love their classic Poabs, a medium roast that lingers with wild blueberries and caramelly nuts on your palate, and their surprisingly treacly Marvahulla that can be enjoyed with creamy milk or as a sinful black. There’s a cold brew as well, perfect for when the weather turns balmy.

It helps that the folks at Koinonia share the same passion as us: for a great cup of joe!
Joe re mi fa so la ti...Joe! ♫