Nicobar cocktail club: Full moon martini

„Welcome to Nicobar’s Cocktail club, where we gather round the kitchen island to do what we do best: drink. There’s a wealth of beautifully crafted cocktails out there, and we’re dipping our pinkies into the game, trying our hand at cocktails we like to quaff, while making sure they’re easy to enough to replicate even as the hours wear on. Expertly chilled, and exceptionally balanced…sometimes. Delicious and so much fun, always.„You cannot have missed it, we’re a little obsessed with the moon over here. If you’re ever in the Treehouse (our canopied workspace), you’ll hear the word “Nicotides” being bandied around a lot, a little fortnightly initiative where we mark the ebb and flow of the lunar tides with little surprises from our little island.

Perch has been our haunt for a while now (here’s testament to that), and we enlisted their help to create a cocktail that’s as easy on the eyes as it is on your palate. Perch’s bartender Tankha sculpted, mixed, and poured (and then we sipped). We fused our love for both the moon and the martini to concoct a drink that’s tart, pearlescent, fairly intense, and perfect for sipping as you moon-gaze tonight.

The full moon martini

You’ll need:
60 ml of your favourite gin
A splash of orange blossom syrup
30 ml of freshly squeezed lime juice
One egg white
Ice, and lots of it
A mould to create a milky white orb, which you can find here
Cold water, milk, and cream in equal parts for your orb (freeze this in your mould)
Thinly sliced dehydrated orange + an expertly shaved orange peel to garnish
Fill a shaker with ice, add the lime juice, orange blossom syrup, and the gin. Shake really well. Get rid of the ice, add the egg white to the shaker, and give it all a quick dry shake so the egg white froths. Place the orb in a coupe, and double strain the mix over the orb. Sip at leisure.