Salmon Sashimi

Admit it, the idea of attempting Japanese cuisine in your own kitchen intimidates the best of us. It’s the complicated names of the ingredients, that reputation for ninja precision knife-work, and the general potential for failure that means that we usually leave it to the pros. This is all about to change.

Chef VK kindly walked us through a faff-free recipe that doesn’t require too many obscure ingredients, and won’t take too much of your day either. It will require one trip to your local Japanese supermarket (Delhi, SDA’s Yamato Ya has you covered), but consider this an investment in your guest-dazzling abilities for all time.

You’ll need:
100 grams of Sashimi grade salmon, cleaned and sliced
A teeny smattering of salmon roe (if you can find it)
Cooked and prepared sushi rice
A little pinch each of seaweed (kizaminori) and one ooba leaf (go without if you can’t find it)
Tossed white and black sesame seeds for garnish
Tossed flax seeds
Soy sauce, wasabi paste, and gari (pink ginger)
Lay the sushi rice in a bowl and sprinkle on the seaweed before arranging your salmon slices on top. Add on that sole ooba leaf and the salmon roe. Top with the sesame and flax seeds, and then serve alongside gari, wasabi, and soy.

Done. It is literally that easy.

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