The perfect hot chocolate

Yes, the weather’s warmed up, but there’s no wrong time of year for cozy indulgence. Our top purveyors of warm beverages, Blue Tokai, might specialise in coffee, but just in case you’re not a coffee person (don’t worry, we won’t judge) they shared their recipe for the smoothest hot chocolate we’ve ever sampled.

Melt some chocolate – we highly recommend the various flavours from Mason & Co (they use the semi sweet bar in their roasterie). Add cold milk on top of the chocolate – semi-skim is good, but if you want something richer, go full-fat.
Steam the milk and the chocolate together using a steam wand in an espresso maker, or if you don't have an espresso maker, you can heat the milk on your stove and whisk the chocolate in.

For more information on Blue Tokai, to get in touch, or to order their coffee, and coffee-making apparatus, visit their website.