The perfect pourover coffee

A great cup of coffee is one of life’s simplest pleasures. We’ve made no secret of our love for Blue Tokai, and because there’s no one we’d trust more with our coffee, we asked Matt and Namrata to give us a pourover lesson. Here’s how to make the best black coffee at home:

Boil water and let it cool for 30 seconds (but not more than a minute). Place a filter in your pourover cone. (You can buy one here if you don’t have one.)
Place the cone over your mug, and add coffee grounds into the filter. Pour 50ml water onto the coffee grounds and wait 30 seconds before pouring the remaining water slowly over the coffee grounds, in slow, concentric circles, to ensure all the coffee in the filter is extracted equally.

Enjoy your perfect cup, while marvelling at your own skill.
Repeat daily.

For more information on Blue Tokai, to get in touch, or to order their coffee, and coffee-making apparatus, visit their website.