Fashion designer Aparna Chandra of Nicobar on the five must-haves in your summer wardrobe

With the country reeling under the harsh summer sun, it is time to bring out all those breezy summer dresses, strappy tops, loose shirts, and comfortable shorts in earthy tones that will help you beat the heat.

To help you make trendy sartorial choices, fashion designer Aparna Chandra, who recently launched her second edition for Nicobar, Sitth, gives a peak into the new collection and shares tips on what you should have in your summer wardrobe:

Loose white shirt

Loose white shirt always works best for a summer day. At Nicobar, we have always had a love for whites, as seen in our Sitth collection, and we love clothes that you can wear in many different ways – styling and layering being the essential central theme. A loose white shirt is effortless, clean and essential.

Printed cotton summer dress

The dress reminds me of the tropics, a balmy breeze, and sunshine glinting off the lands. It is ideal as resort wear or as casual wear and in fact, it is one style that we keep reviving season after season.


We love creating various versions of the good, old pair of pyjamas. We have done our basic pyjamas in so many colours, in fact, we have done one version in chanderi! A pyjama reiterates a sense of timelessness and versatility in our collection. A well-designed pyjama is comfortable and surpasses all trends.

Linen pants

Good fabrics are the backbone of our collection at Nicobar. Personally for me, getting the fabric right is a big part of the design process. Similarly, for summer, linen is a perfect choice since it is breathable and cool. Linen pants are very versatile in the wardrobe and can be styled in many ways, whether with a loose white shirt or with a short kurta.

Pair of shorts

In the true spirit of a modern Indian tropical lifestyle, a pair of shorts is a must-have for both men and women. It can be dressed up with a shirt or paired down with a t-shirt or even a strappy top for women. Considered a classic, it is easy to move in and truly essential for warm summer days.