Indian workplaces with open spaces, greenery and an emphasis on mindful living

Nicobar's workplace is at the same location as Good Earth’s Delhi headquarters, Tulsi Farms.It is a large spacious, two-storey building called ‘Treehouse’ because it is surrounded by tall trees that have been on the property for decades. Parts of the building have been deliberately left unfinished to give it a startup feel, and large windows allow for an abundance of natural light. It is an undivided workspace; there are no stuffy cubicles. The workstations have a ‘coffee shop’ appearance and the mismatched chair upholstery adds a quirky feel. The ‘conference’ room is essentially a shed with a sunroof, and pots and plants abound all over the workspace. It also doubles up as a display area for visitors. Over 100 employees – mostly young and female – work from this location; they have coffee breaks on benches in the open air with birds chattering away in the trees above them, and wear comfortable walking shoes to get around the expansive property. There’s also a photo studio within the property, and models, makeup artists and photographers can be seen strolling about at all times.