Introspection, and celebration for a landmark year

Nicobar, as an organisation, introspects all the time. A key part of their culture is a balance between action, reflection & silence. These are three important dimensions to Nicobar who is striving to be a conscious learning organisation. The landmark year demands introspection- it requires Rai and his team to reflect on the metaphysical reality that surrounds them and then to see their reflections in still water. But before that, it's time for multiple celebrations each attached to a new launch."My learning on brand building ties to this notion of interconnectedness. What I think Nicobar tries and do well is not just design great products thoughtfully but integrate design with storytelling with tactile offline experiences in stores and pop ups and emotional digital experiences on the website and social media. Each person in our organisation thus comes together to play their part in bringing our products to our guests.", says Rai