Nicobar opens its second store in New Delhi with all the hallmarks of its earthy elements

In a span of only two years, Nicobar has grown from one cozy outlet to nine sprawling ones. And with architect Shonan Trehan Purie at the helm of its design identity, it comes as no surprise that the lifestyle and home décor brand has managed to get all of these stores to align with its earthy DNA. Nicobar’s new sprawling New Delhi store, in all of its 3,300-square-foot glory, seems to be themed around nostalgia, more than anything else. Different textures of brown and clean minimalist lines are reminiscent of its previous stores, whilst a personal style lounge and an organic café bring a touch of the unexplored.Set on the second floor of The Chanakya in DLF—home to brands like Hermes, Valentino, Good Earth Shalimar and Paro—Nicobar’s choice of location is promising. French windows all along the façade transports one to a contemporary verandah on the shoreline of Cornwall. The personal style lounge has enough space to host events or even arrange a gift-wrapping workshop. Numerous roomy trial rooms lend a homey feeling to the store, where one can try on the many cotton ensembles in solitude.A collaboration between Nicobar and CAARA, the NicoCaara café is definitely the brand’s most exciting addition. It includes a live kitchen and a bar that are adjacent to fluted glass and hanging platters. Designed by LAB Architects, the interiors rope in local materials and artefacts to reflect the café’s ideology of promoting fresh, local produce.