Nicobar opens store in Chennai

Sprawling over 2,300 sq. ft. Nicobar has opened another store and this time in Chennai. Located along Thousand Lights, Nicobar’s new store has a meandering space with six distinct sections, it is fresh, open, and starring enough timber and greens to supplant any tropical garden.

Raul Rai, Co-founder and CEO points out, Nicobar was created to establish a modern Indian voice. It is a design led digital brand with physical experiential stores to complement online experience. The company is designed to create a democratic identity that extends beyond the commercial realm into a new way of experiencing design in everyday lives. Set in an erstwhile haveli, a little passageway of all travel essentials leads into the store's largest section, with colonial-inspired furniture, and a hotspot where people can gather for community events over drinks.

Nicobar embodies a modern Indian way of living, dressing, and looking at the world. Guided by conscious design and functional utility, the Nicobar aesthetic is essential, attainable and reflective of a languid tropical mindset. Nicobar is for modern consumers who are moving away from quick and compulsive purchases and believe in thoughtful acquisitions rather than impulsive purchases.

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