Nicobar X Kyoorius

What is it?

Nicobar, the lifestyle design studio, is heading to Jaipur for the Kyoorius Designyatra 2016. With some gorgeous pieces of apparel, home furnishings, travel essentials and jewellery, this exhibition will give you some renewed inspiration on how to reinvent and redecorate your home as well as your wardrobe.

Who Is It For?

Everyone, especially those who likes their style to be unencumbered, simple and yet sophisticated, should make their way to this pop-up exhibition.

Why Should I Go For It?

The entire area has been designed in collaboration with Ravi Vazirani; a Mumbai-based designer. With an aesthetic that is similar to Nicobar, the entire space has been made to inspire and promote the spirit of a tropical lifestyle. Fresh, clean, and absolutely pleasing to the eye, we completely understand why you would want to add everything to your shopping cart here. Before you pack your backs and head to Jaipur, there’s more. Dhora, along with Paper Planes, is also bringing its collection for this pop-up exhibition. With elegant designs, Dhora has some statements pieces that are bold & beautiful {just in time for the festive season}. Plus, beautifully-printed magazines from Paper Planes are sure to make this a complete shopping extravaganza.

Anything Else?

If designing is your jam, there’s no reason to not head to this pop-up exhibition. With Nicobar Inspired, you can share your design ideas with the brand, too. The best part? If you impress them, you can work with their mentors to make those designs a reality. Don’t forget to register at their counter. Also check out the art installation of a dreamy island created specially by Ravi Vazirani along with Priyanshi Saxena. Browse through unfinished journals, listen to featured audio pieces, or simply doodle and write stories in scribble pads. The memorabilia from personalities like Prashant Miranda, Rohini Deveshar and Ronny Sen is also sure to add a unique element to your experience here.

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