To Bandra with love from Delhi

'My relationship with Bombay is the happiest onel The city makes me feel free and floaty, and this is truly where my spirits belong," says the Delhi-based Simran lal, who spent a few years in Maximum City, before Delhi ' reclaimed her.

"I am so happy we are opening our new store in Bandra because it is the combination of the energy of the people here and being so closevto the sea it makes for the perfect spot for our brand;' she says about her newest enterprise, a lifestyle brand desigined for young hipsters, which she created in tandem with her husband Raut Rai to 'establish a modern Indian voice', with a strong online presence, and an exquisitely designed retail space in the Kala Ghoda area. This time round the couple have opted to go North with their label, to what looks like its obvious market, Bandra.

“We’re lucky to be in this lovely heritage building at the Patkar Bungalow" says Rai. “We have designed our stores not just for commerce but to create a culture too.”

To be launched with a splashy Party this weekend, the couple is looking forward to introducing its loyal customers to 'the new quaint and cozy home experience where one moves from chamber to chamber as if moving through one's own personal space.'