Holiday Listening: Song Exploder Podcast

Every episode of Song Exploder features a song by a different artist as host Hrishikesh Hirway methodically dismantles the lyrics, sounds, and production elements that go into creating each of those pieces of music. Unsurprisingly, Hirway is a musician himself, a songwriter and composer of the band The One AM Radio. His own understanding of musical composition as well as graphic design (which he studied in college) are intrinsic to the formulation of the show. For Hrishikesh the show is as much about music as it is about problem solving - piecing together the elements of the song from its mental conception to its final production.

Each episode lasts 15-20 minutes and features interviews, clips from the recording studio, and a full rendition of the song being discussed. Song Exploder cuts across genres, featuring artists from Carly Rae Jepsen to U2. Perfect for everyone from music aficionados to shower singers, we recommend listening to this podcast to develop a deeper appreciation for music production, to discover new tunes, or to fall in love again with your most favourite songs.

Download these onto iPhones and iPads using the Podcasts app, and onto Android Phones and Tablets using the Stitcher app. These are also available online at Soundcloud.