Making the case for Thalis

Let’s get real for a moment. We all do it from time to time: eating on the couch, with no thought to table settings or making our meals a visual feast. There is something delightful about flinging your food in a bowl and just tucking in (and might we suggest one of these bowls?), but there is also something incredibly satisfying about setting the table for a special meal in a manner that expresses a bit of creativity. They say you eat with your eyes as much as you eat with your mouths, and for those full-sensorial experiences, we suggest you bring some gold and silver to the table.
We’re partial to our lotus leaf thalis, for meals that take you on an exploration (this is how we like to style ours). The Indian thali is just that, an exploration laid out on a plate, with many small portions of many different flavours all laid out for sampling on one salver. Every region has their own take, and every one of those is worth seeking out on your travels, but we’re championing bringing that sense of adventure and occasion home to your own dinner tables.

With Internet-enabled campaigns like #WeWantPlates gaining steam, we’re doing our bit with our heritage-peppered basics in support of this one. No outing with Nico comes without a well-set table, and the gleam of brass and silver tableware (we can attest) never disappoints.