A summer capsule

Port Eliot I 27- 30 July

Set in the lush countryside of the Eliot estate in England’s Cornwall, Port Eliot is a weekend of sunshine, strolls and suppers. Run by the 11th Earl of St Germans, the estate and all its ongoings offer a gypset experience celebrating words, music, fashion, and all that is good in the world.

You’re bringing:
A dress (the one pictured here)
A slip for when layering isn't ideal
Aloe vera gel
Sun block
Chunky shoes
A scarf (a bunch of ours, here)
Hip flask

Cappadox I 18 - 21 May

Set in the dramatic landscape of Cappadocia’s ‘fairy chimneys’ in Antolia, Turkey, Cappadox is a three day long multi-disciplinary culture gathering. Bringing both local and international talent together, the festival features the best of music, art, nature and more. If dancing at dawn, meditating and valley walks sound like your thing, then a weekend at Cappadox is a must.

You’re bringing:
A dress (the one pictured here)
A camera
A pair of high tops
Packing aids (we’ve a bunch here)
Fruit (best to have your own)

Wimbledon I 03 - 16 July

Strawberries by the punnet, Pimm’s by the glass, and the rare sighting of Federer’s impeccable backhand. All and sundry head over to Wimbledon, London for The Championships this July. The oldest tennis tournament, it’ll do you mounds of good to walk along immaculately manicured grass courts by day, and hang at the local pubs after hours.

You’re bringing:
A dress (the one pictured here)
Goblet (your safe space for Pimm’s)
A folding fan