Aavriti Jain grew up in Jaipur, amidst Rajasthan’s rich heritage of arts and craft. The daughter of a jeweler, Aavriti remembers being drawn to fashion even as a young child. After wrapping up a degree in Mumbai, Aavriti worked for Vogue’s India edition, before moving to Milan to study Fashion Promotion at the Istituto Marangoni.

Dhora, a collection of leather accessories and handmade jewellery, was conceptualized in Milan. Dhora means ‘sand dunes’, and attempts to integrate classically Indian designs with contemporary silhouettes, for an aesthetic that is modern, yet rooted in tradition.In the world of Indian jewellery, too often bigger is better. And as fun as those pieces of classically gorgeous worked-over bling are, there’s something wonderful about more sculptural, pared-down pieces. Dhora is a line of handmade jewellery and leather accessories that you’ll want to wear all year long, pieces that are fresh and versatile, dressing up any outfit — without being a distraction. We love Dhora’s clean lines, subtle detailing, and minimal vibe, and frankly we’re just hoping to get our hands on as many pieces as possible.
We took Aavriti through the Nico Q&A:

Tell us about your personal style?
I’d describe my style as simple and super casual. I love to wear jeans and old self-tailored tops. 95 percent of my wardrobe is white, grey, black, or blue. I like anything I can dance and jump around in; I am almost scared of bright colors and I hate to wear heels or formal dresses.

How did you start making jewellery?
My first piece of jewellery was a baseball mask! So jewellery-making literally started with playing around with random things and giving them my own take.

We love your designs. Where do you find your inspiration?
Most of my inspiration comes from music I am listening to, old pieces/finds, Rajasthan, holidays. Everything I design has my DNA interwoven in - it has something to do with my life.

What are your own favourite pieces of jewellery?
My favourite pieces are from our first few collections I made for Dhora. I hold these very close to my heart. Of the jewellery that I own, my grand mother’s bangles and earrings are my favourites.
Insider tip for visiting Jaipur?
The Old City: Eat like a local and beat the heat! Make sure you visit us at Teatro Dhora.

Best places to experience Jaipur's arts and crafts?
Bagru and Sanganer for block printing, tie dye and blue pottery, and Thathero ka rasta for metal crafts.

Favourite travel destinations?
Any place with enough sun and water.

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