Friends in Nicobar

We asked Kassia and Grant to go through our closet, and select a few pieces that expressed their own style. We also gave Grant the oppurtunity to dip into some of our 'still' to come Menswear from next season, so here's a sneak peak.
„I liked the silhouette of the chanderi dress, and the layering with the flowered slip was a nice way to incorporate a bit of pattern without being over-the-top.„
„I chose the olive kurta because I really like the pathan style with the collar and all. I could probably wear that regularly.„
„The fuschia top caught my eye immediately - it's not a color I'd normally wear, so I wanted to try something different!„
„The other pieces all felt really comfortable and light, and I thought I would try something further out from what I would usually wear.„
„The blue dress is just straight up gorgeous, classic and elegant, yet the light fabric and navy color make it very casual and wearable.„Click here to view our Q&A with Kassia and Grant.