Got you covered

Here’s a scenario that’s all too familiar: it’s a special day, and you’re exchanging gifts. You hand over yours. It’s wrapped in store-bought paper, with run-of-the-mill embellishments. Your receive theirs. It’s perfectly wrapped with corners expertly tucked in, and accents that sit under your very nose, but you’d never have considered using.

The DIY gene hasn’t skipped us entirely, so we’re making an effort this year, by bundling up the perfect gifts in wrapping that’s easy on the eyes, and on the Earth. A clean, natural palette felt right, injected with pearly white cloth, nut-brown jute, twigs and twine, broad chevron fabric, newspaper rolls, and dainty blossoms. Yep, we’ve kept it earthy, tonal, and waste-free, plus it looks pretty, and is totally achievable (we promise).
A few quick tips:
Ditch the tape and store-bought paper, go instead for swathes of homespun fabric, and rolls of fraying twine. We happen to have bundles of unused fabric lying around our studio, but just dig into the recesses of your cupboards, and you’re sure to find bits that would never ordinarily have seen the light of day again that you can repurpose as wrapping.
For accents, we forage for flowers, buttons, cloth rosettes, cotton strings, leaves, and anything else we can get our mitts on.

And finally, if you’ve got the wrapping, but nothing to wrap, we might be able to help. Sift through our scarves that can be worn many, many ways, or consider our bar essentials that’ll complement all sorts of drinkers. Or just head to our Gifting section for a gentle helping hand, here.