Letter writing

We love paper. We might even be besotted. Some of our fondest memories include receiving a beautiful handwritten letter, or the delight of a postcard marked with our names. It is now a rare treat to see your name inked onto a thick, paper envelope, and all the associated accoutrement (ink pots, fountain pens, and rubber stamps) are largely gone, now residing only in our memories.

There’s little that beats the pleasure of sending or receiving a letter, a note, or a card to someone, whether across town or across the world. Nothing beats email for immediacy, of course, but there are some words that demand more pomp and circumstance, and also the ability to be treasured, and filed away in a special drawer. There is a saying, ‘good mail begets good mail’, and shamefully we haven’t really been sending good mail recently. Their rarity alone means that handwritten letters have never made as deep an impact as they do now.
Letters have formed the backbone of some of the world’s most cherished and celebrated literature, and while we’re not entirely certain that ours will make it into the annals of the world’s greatest, there’s certainly no harm in leaving behind a handwritten trail we can call our own. It all begins, we all know, with the stationery. Beautiful paper and a good pen can inspire words that a shitty ballpoint and a flimsy sheet might not have. We’ve created sets that include cards, envelopes and gilded pineapple stickers to seal your special words, adorned with a little twinkle, a little play, all tucked into little brown boxes held together with twine.

Reacquaint yourself with the written word, starting here.