‘New’ always has a nice ring to it

Just like people, no two NYE plans are the same. There’s an old saying that how you choose to bring in the new year dictates how the year will go, and while we don’t really buy that chestnut, we can think of worse ways to spend 2017 than holidaying, nesting on the couch with a good friend, or dancing until our feet hurt. We tried all three.

Wine and chocolates at home
Staying in on NYE is a fantastic alternative to dressing up and dealing with traffic, but more than that, it’s fuss-free and a pretty great way to send out the old. A bottle of wine, chocolates, nibbles, music, and a girlfriend (or a pet) are really all you need.
All night dancing
Staying in isn’t for everyone, and if you’re spending the last night of the year out, let it be to dance.
Away, holiday
Cottages in the woods with white wood slatted porches, surrounded by trees and singing birds - that’s a new year’s eve we can really get on board with.