New season, new nest

Sri Lanka is home to some of the world’s most inspiring architecture, and we were, in turn, inspired by Kandy’s impressive, post-colonial designs for our home lines. Touted as the Father of Sri Lankan architecture, as in our other collections, Geoffrey Bawa’s work underpins this dreamy, lagoon-and-land inspired collection. Lanka’s native dialect splices our watercolour-rendered prints for a collection that looks both to folklore as well as old world charm, but re-lenses to provide a stylised and modern outlook. The fabrics used in our home line canvas lush embroidery and an ombré of tropical green whilst focussing on durability and adaptability. You’ll find thistle-hued blooms running rampant on yarn-dyed cotton, lush embroidery, and an ombré of tropical green in products that focus on the everyday and faraway.