Springboard into summer

It’s getting hot. Seriously hot. And we’re getting restless.

As the weather turns, we’re supremely ready to head off to something, anything, that departs from routine. Sri Lanka’s temperate hillsides beckon, but so does some Japanese zen, an African safari… as we continue to watch temperatures rise, we’re starting to lean into ‘anywhere but here.’

A new travel capsule is here just in time to help scratch that itch. Mirissa is inspired by the tropics, by the sky’s soft blue, and the walnut sands of the coast. This is gear that's meant for journeys and destinations alike, travel essentials for overnight sojourns or longer stints, and clothes that are meant for layering so that you’re sorted in soaring and dipping temperatures. Slip into deliciously soft denim tencel, practical poplin, and durable knit on your journey (and at your destination), over and over again.

In transit

Travel clothing is meant to, well, travel, and this gear is destined to move. Whether on a cycle, on foot, or twiddling your thumbs on a long-haul flight, these pieces will move as you do.At destination
The ideal travel wardrobe is versatile, allowing you to dress up or dress down, depending on whether you’re pounding the pavement, hitting the beach, or getting ready for aperitivo. But above all this, comfort is key, and most of these outfits will easily slide into lounge-happy looks.