Summer white

Yes, we know, ‘white in summer’ isn’t exactly path breaking stuff, but here on the subcontinent, when summer hits, the sun’s out and the temperature’s soaring, it’s pretty much essential, so why not have a little fun with it. Plus there’s all those other little things: how beautifully white offsets a tan, or the implied crispness and cleanliness of a snowy, white dress.

We’re big fans of wearing it head-to-toe, in an attempt to channel some super-chill into our summer climes. Sound uncomplicated? Well, yes, but it takes a little maneuvering to ensure you don’t look like you just stepped out in your pyjamas. One quick note: you might want to save your morning coffee until you’re awake enough to ensure you won’t spill (this also applies to glasses of Chianti after midnight, but at that time, everything’s fair game).

To sidestep a woeful white-on-white situation: add some graphic detail with accessories and temper a tendency to look like a full-on bride by keeping your shoes casual. If you’re worried about looking basic (a legitimate concern), play with hemlines and layering, because the right mix of texture and fabric can add depth to an otherwise monochromatic looks.

Location courtesy: Bungalow 99
Jewellery courtesy of De'Anma and NIMAI