The case for pockets

Pockets. We cannot live without them. Obvious, you might say, but we’re not talking any pockets, we mean pockets for women, an almost revolutionary addition to women’s garments during the Victorian era. For reasons still inexplicable to us, many designers continue to be erratic with the inclusion of pockets in clothing designed for women. But even before we launched there was a common refrain on our design floor: pockets in everything!
There’s quite nothing as satisfying as finding the perfect outfit with pockets. It means you could possibly go without a bag. Hold a drink and a plate of food with ease. Or even just tuck your hands away because you feel like it. That it warrants a shriek of delight (seen often in our changing rooms) is testimony to just how essential that little detail is. It baffles us how an industry that largely focuses on women can repetitively fail the very market it caters to. We’ve no reservation about bags, but pockets are a different breed of convenience altogether. Whether they’re deep and large enough for our phones, or slight for keys, a stick of gum, and an eyeliner, they’re a functional essential to every woman’s wardrobe.
It’s no surprise our womenswear pieces are designed with pockets that are destined to hold your odds and ends, or so you get to stick your hands in and strut around without a care in the world. Our pockets announce their presence loud and clear; they’re roomy, in multiples, adorned with all sort of detail and patchwork, and look good on every frame, plus they’re a fierce voice against patriarchy and its cousins. Men have always had their pockets, and so should women.

Go on. Pocket a little bit of sunshine. With both hands.