We take on the Harem Pant

We won’t say harem pant, Persia and MC Hammer in the same breath, but we will say the evolution of the harem pant’s been constant, and it’s a silhouette we’ve seen in very many avatars through the years. It’s staggered through decades (centuries even), from the humble dhoti, and Thai fishing trousers, to being celebrated by suffragettes as a symbol of feminist freedom in the Georgian era, and conjuring full-on images of exotic sensuality in popular culture.

Ours evoke an easy-spirited bohemian vibe, meant to be worn along the beach, paired with a bikini, or tempered to rosy-cheek weather with cuffs tucked into boots, and a loosely-draped trench coat. Yes, harems aren’t exactly path breaking, but this new-age essential allows for a little styling fun. Plus there’s all those little bonuses like how they beautifully offset all body shapes (skinny, voluptuous, athletic), and the ease of movement they make for.

If you’re worried about the harem pant being too one-dimensional, just do what we do. Pair it with a light linen blazer to work, and swap that out for a long kaftan replete with silver bangles for the evening. You’re good to go wherever the day takes you.