What Hosts Want

Gifting is tricky, and unless the host gives you a wish list, you’ll be navigating those store lanes blind. This year, as the festivities and a laundry list of parties approach, we’ve got your back. We’ve put together little clusters of things to give that will appeal to (almost) every sort of host and that suit all budgets, big or small.

For the zen host
A homebody, you usually see this person within their own quarters. Add some zen to their den with bits that’ll enhance their sanctuaries, and that further turn their homes into a little oasis.

In this bundle:
Mandarin candle to infuse every room with citrusy freshness, a colouring book (that’s also the perfect stress buster and so much more immersive than those fidget spinners), super-soft sleep shorts perfect for all-day lounging, a soft throw for cocooning, and striped kulhars from which to sip.

For the partier
This person throws a shindig every chance they get, whether it’s to welcome a new season, celebrate a birthday, or just because it’s Wednesday. Each party is testament to their fully-loaded bar, to which we have the perfect additions.

In this bundle:
A pair of good ‘ol fashioned glasses (a perennial classic), twinkling stirrers, a brass ice bucket in shining silver that doubles up as a wine and champagne cooler, smooth marble coasters with a hint of dull gold, and pretty aqua cocktail napkins.

For the frequent flyer
The miles they’ve amassed are impressive, and an upgrade to business class is a day’s work. These jet-setters’ passports are full to the brim, and we’ve got stuff to further sort their travels.

In this bundle:
A super soft scarf, a passport holder, a gadget scroll to hold wires, hard disks, and pen drives, and a shoe sack to divvy up belongings.

For the writer and night-owl
Their study table tells a tale no autobiography can hint at. We’ve got lots of friends who burn the midnight oil, and help them with little gifts to dress up those late, late hours.

In this bundle:
Twinkling votives, a stoneware espresso mug for those all-nighters, a stationery set to pen down special words, and moon and star pins reminiscent of working late into the night.

For the magpie
A different sort of breed, collecting stuff is oddly satisfying to these folks. The magpie owns bits and bobs that often tend to go missing, and so we’ve got some special bits that will help them compartmentalise their many, many collectibles.

In this bundle:
Napkin rings for the table or when table linen is stowed away for a special day, a jewellery box to stash away favourite pieces, a pouch and a pochette for just about anything under the sun (err, roof).