Holiday reading: Suitcase magazine

Where to go, what to pack, what to wear, what to eat?It’s the inevitable and never-ending questions that arise before almost every trip. Not to worry though; Suitcase magazine answers every question you will ever think to ask, about travelling anywhere, before you even ask. It is essentially both the ultimate travel companion as well as dream exploration board all rolled into one.

Filled with beautiful (and detailed) photo journals and to-do lists for destinations all over the world, Suitcase offers more than just a general-interest skim. Instead it delves into destinations, looking closely at local cuisines and offering wisdom on places to stay. Their packing lists take into account all sorts of holidays: beach, mountains, activity-oriented, leisure… they’ll even tell you what toiletries you should take, and which ones make the 100ml limit. It’s a little like having a personal travel assistant at the tip of your fingers.
We say this from experience: it is inevitable that once you’ve gotten your hands on an issue, it is unlikely you’ll ever plan a trip without one. The intricately illustrated travel maps, and lists of traveller’s diseases have us hooked. The carefully-curated insider guides and travel-hacks, sidestep all tourist clichés, instead offering a toe-dip into a new way to travel.

We love 'Greatest Travel Hacks’ and we think you will too.

Suitcase releases 4 volumes a year, and is available to download on your Apple devices, but to access them easily anywhere and everywhere, visit their website.