No sweat

When planning to work out, they say that putting your shoes on is half the struggle. We beg to differ. We say putting your shoes away, while also looking pulled-together enough for your morning meeting when your clothing’s rumpled in a ball at the bottom of your gym bag...that’s the real struggle. Luckily, Nicobar’s organised packing set has made everything much smoother (literally).

Step 1: slip your already-pressed shirts, pants, or dresses into our two-sided sort case.
Step two: place those work-ready shoes in your shoe case – it’ll keep your kicks from getting scuffs, and from grubbing up anything else.
Step three: store your sodden gym gear (post-workout) in our wet case, or chuck your swimsuit and soggy towel in; the waterproof lining protects the rest of your bag from whatever you throw in.
Step four: get dressed, and bask in the smug glow of working out before the workday’s begun.

Pro tip: the packing trio works just as well outside the gym, and makes a pretty great gift. We all have stressful memories of rifling through our suitcases on holiday, rushing to find the right non-crumpled dress for dinner, or only locating only one piece of our two-piece swimsuit, and we’re certain you’ll rack up an insane number of goodwill points for spreading this good juju around.

No sweat from Nico Journal on Vimeo.