The weekend getaway

We love looking outwards; exploring what lies beyond us, whether that’s a new coastline or landscape or a new way of looking at the world. We are, as always, inspired by seafaring journeys and safaris, and this season we’re also casting our nets wider, looking to traditional Chinese architectural detail and the functional silhouettes that once allowed a farmer to move with ease in the paddy fields, that we’re adopting to help us navigate our own explorations with ease.

Our new travel capsule is inspired by elements of China, but we took it to a long weekend jaunt in Pondicherry, land of jagged coastlines, blue skies, sunny promenades, and a year-round mindful vibe we can really get on board with. We pack light, but we pack smart, picking fabrics and colours that work well with each other, silhouettes that are as comfortable as they are cool, and plan outfits that, with a little layering (or shedding of layers) will work for the journey as well as the destination.


We voyage in free-flowing silhouettes: perfect for moving, perfect for travelling (perfect, also, for putting your feet up when needed) in an easy khaki. We’ve always found that roomy bottoms are key to a truly comfortable journey, and will later easily segue into a look for wandering around in.


We’re here. Playing hide and seek with the waves, looking up at phenomenal architecture, and settling into weekend mode and we’re mirroring this beautiful detail in our garb, picking pieces replete with their own little bits of beauty, like silky tassels or inlaid motifs. Cycling the streets of Pondi and exploring the sunny cobblestoned streets and shaded alleyways is best in trousers and tunics which are cocoon-reminiscent; comfort, convenience, and cool combined.


As the sun dips and the inky night sky and diamante stars make their nightly debut, our fabrics turn to butter-soft cashmere, poplin and knits that caress the body just-so; a little bit of ease after a long day of exploration. Whether you’re in Pondicherry or Portugal, this long weekend packing list will take you from flight to footloose wandering and straight back to real life and Monday.
All jewellery courtesy of Manifest Design