Travel notes: Juvet

When someone says they’re going off-the-grid, you know they’re not really off the grid (you saw that Facebook like) – unless they’re at Norway’s secluded Juvet hotel. You have to take at least two planes and a 100km road trip to get there, and that’s just if you’re already in Western Europe. However, if the idea of completely immersing yourself in quiet, natural beauty and pristine air is appealing, you can’t beat this Nordic retreat. The seven modernist glass-and-wood cabins, each with minimalist interiors, are designed to blend into their environment. (They were also built sustainably, without upsetting the local ecosystem.) You might recognize these gleaming but understated structures as the home of the evil tech CEO in the movie 'Ex Machina', which is where we first spotted them. We’ve been wanting to visit ever since – with or without a robot babe for company.

For more information, visit their website.