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Folklore has long maintained a mystical connection between man and the moon, and here at Nicobar the ebb and flow of the lunar tides sets the pace for life on our little island.

Like magnets, the earth and the moon are drawn to one another. Caught between the gravitational pull of each, the oceans rise and fall in a relentless, daily rhythm. But twice a month, something special happens. The natural order of the universe asserts itself, and the earth, the moon, and the sun fall into alignment. Twice a month, the moon is renewed and as though compelled by cosmic celebration, the tides rise to their highest peak.

Nico Tides is a celebration of our connection with nature: a recognition of this eternal cycle, of the rise and fall of the waves, and of the echoing patterns in our own lives. If the dark, new moon represents potential and a blank slate, the full moon is the completion of a cycle, and of release. We celebrate them all.

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