Whether you’re the sort of person who always has fresh flowers in your home or if it’s the sort of thing that you save for a special occasion, there are few things more incredible than a crack-of-dawn meander around a flower market.

It’s where you’ll find your city’s freshest, most gorgeous blooms, and always for a fraction of the price you’d pay at your local florist. We traipsed around a Delhi flower market on a recent shoot, and if you’ve never been, consider this a solid urging to make time for a visit. We promise it isn’t something you’ll regret.

Things to remember:

Go early!
Most vendors get there bright and early, so don’t rock up as usual market hours. Get there at 6am and have your pick of the lot.

Wear sensible shoes
The flowers are gorgeous, but the floor is mucky. Don’t rock up in dainty sandals or (heaven forbid) heels.

Bring cash
This should go without saying, but these guys don’t take credit cards so stop at the ATM on your way there.

Stay flexible 
It’s good to go in with a wishlist so you aren’t overwhelmed by the sheer volume of blooms that surround you, but stay flexible because your wishlist might or might not be in season. Shopping for flowers is like shopping for vegetables at a farmer’s market: pick what looks great that day.

Look after your purchase!
Once home, trim an inch off the bottom of your flowers and cut the ends at an angle under running water. This helps them retain as much water as possible (and last as long as possible!). Plus trim away excess leaves and place them in cool water in which you dissolve a bit of aspirin or sugar; this prevents oxidising. If you’ve bought blooms as a present for someone, make sure you store the flower someplace cool or near an air conditioner to stop them from wilting.


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