Goa Essentials

You’ll find Gunpowder in Assagao, a beautiful leafy neighbourhood in North Goa’s Bardez village. Situated on the grounds of a beautiful old Portuguese home, and sharing space with People Tree, Gunpowder has, particularly since its move to Goa from Delhi, cemented itself as a destination for excellent coastal Indian cuisine.

 Their food is excellent; everything is freshly-caught, freshly-picked, fresh-squeezed, and skillfully prepared. Try anything, and it will likely please. The mild prawn mappas, with its creamy, spiced coconut-milk curry, really shone, and was perfect mopped up with appams or flaky parathas. We loved the okra dusted with sesame seeds, and the spicy Goan chorizo fry was exactly as it should be. And while you’re waiting for your meal, try their watermelon cooler, very likely one of the most refreshing drinks of all time, equal parts watermelon juice and coconut water, enlivened by splashes of lime. YUM.

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