Mason & Co chocolate for Nicobar

Mason and Co make the best bean-to-bar chocolate in the country. Founders Jane and Fabien, from Australia and France, are both lovers of fine flavours and organic produce, and the Mason couple don’t believe excessive sugar and milk are necessary (or even taste good) in chocolate. Those ingredients have made us forget that pure dark chocolate bars are the original superfood, and delicious to boot.

All Mason and Co chocolate is created in Auroville, from single-origin, pure cacao beans. Mason and Co keep their cacao as close to its natural form as possible, and what began as a kitchen adventure has now become India’s favourite ethically-produced dessert. We can vouch for the fact that every bar is melt-in-your-mouth rich, but our personal favourites are the orange, espresso, and kicky chilli cinnamon. Mason and Co will ship to your doorstep, or you can find them at stockists across the country (Altitude stores and Blue Tokai cafés in Delhi).

Mason & Co chocolate for Nicobar

Jane answered our Nico Q&A on dessert, dancing, and more.

What’s your favourite dessert?
Truffles. I always prefer to skip a big dessert and eat petit fours – particularly dark creamy truffles.

Do you make those yourself? Or is there a special source for your sugar cravings?
I have my own favourite recipes, soon to be available in our store!

What is your kitchen soundtrack?
I have a terrible voice, but I love to sing along to music, and I always get a good laugh from Fabien. Lately I have been listening to Lana del Rey.

A great party involves:
Jazz and wine – and maybe some dance music later in the evening, depending on how the night goes.

To get myself in the party mood, I always:
Put my makeup on, pour a nice glass of wine and dance around the kitchen with final dinner preparations.

Favourite flavour of chocolate?
I love plain dark chocolate. I love to taste the flavours of the different cacao beans used to make a particular bar.

One must-have kitchen tool:
My blender is definitely my favourite kitchen tool. I use it every day and would find it hard to live without. My breakfast smoothies are what get me going in the mornings.

For more information on Mason & Co, or to place an order, visit their website.

Mason & Co chocolate for Nicobar

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