The Spice trade was the stuff of legends. Those spices once as precious as gold are now readily procured, but this is still a constant source of inspiration to us, and our new home fragrance line is an exploration of these stories, flavours, and scents.

That signature aroma you’ve been loving in all our stores is now part of our new home fragrance line. Our fresh scents are borne of memories from centuries past, and are meant for every corner of your home. You’ll find three scents infused with calming tea, vibrant grapefruit, honeyed neroli, and delightfully fresh vetiver in candles, ceramic tiles, vials, and room sprays. Line your home with the freshest of mama Earth’s scents, infused with a little Nicobar freshness, and a lot of history.


Our signature scent, Nerola is a play of spicy and floral notes, a wonderful and romantic aroma. Named after Princess Anne Marie from the Italian town of Nerola who’d douse herself with scents of the Neroli flower, this intoxicating fragrance will tease and please.


Combining sweetness and freshness with a zesty overnote, Paradisi is infused with vibrant grapefruit. All these qualities are encompassed in the name, that’s a hark back to the mysterious origin of the fruit that was then monikered Citrus Paradisi.

2737 BC

2737 BC
A subtle and masculine scent with a woody overnote and minty softer notes, 2737 BC is infused with the freshness of tea and vetiver, and is named after the year in which tea is said to have been (accidentally) discovered according to Chinese legend.

Our soy wax candles last longer, burn cleaner, and are less likely to trigger allergies. Poured in pretty bell jars, the lids snuff the flame and help retain the fragrance longer.

Pop our textured ceramic tiles into closets, cars, and enclosed spaces as a portable diffuser for your favorite scent. Douse the tiles with our room sprays to give them renewed life.

Room Sprays
Packaged in glass bottles with a nozzle, use these just about anywhere to breathe new life into your interiors. Our sprays will refresh your ceramic tiles; a match made in heaven!

Our oils are also bottled in glass vials and can be used with incense burners and diffusers, perfect for those who want to infuse every nook in their homes with a signature fragrance.

Words and styling: Bhavana Malhotra
Photography: Dolly Devi


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