Taara House, Manali

Don’t mind us, we’re just getting away from the heat and stress and noise (and everything else) this summer. You’ll find us Taara House in Manali, a beautiful sustainably-designed property, with picturesque views of snowy peaks and icy streams. This one’s for everybody. Built entirely out of reclaimed wood, the property boasts warm all-wooden-everything interiors that are ideal for hygge nights in front of the bukhari (i.e. ancient fireplace) with a hot cuppa anything. If you’re more the outdoorsy sort, hit up the hiking trails. If you’re somewhere in the middle, soak up just the right amount of sun in their all-glass greenhouse. 

 We catch up with Tanya Palta, the owner and designer of Taara House for recommendations from the horse’s mouth.

Postcard from Manali

What does your perfect night in at Taara House look like?

I often run away to Taara House to take a break from the frenzied existence of the city life. A perfect night in at Taara House is listening to some Rachael Yamagata, sipping my favourite Campari cocktails and soaking in the skies through the glass conservatory.

Three words to describe your design ethos?

Minimalist, mid-modern and balance.

Go-to interesting places in and around Manali?

A trek in the Reserve Pine Forest behind Taara House is a must. I’d follow that up with a visit to the Roerich Estate- Russian painter Nicholas Roerich’s home converted to museum cum art gallery is a personal favourite. I love the ‘Study of Mountains’ series, for its beautiful depiction of the Himalayan peaks with a mix of accuracy and surrealism. The day would be incomplete without a visit to Martin’s, an iconic German establishment which does amazing wood-fired oven pizzas, and English style roast chicken. They open once a week- for lunch every Sunday, and it’s the perfect chance to interact with the locals of Manali. Think Gymkhana on a Thursday night!

How did you work in sustainability while conceptualising the property?

Taara House is built almost entirely out of reclaimed and recycled wood like oak, cedar, and pine. Most of the furniture’s been built in-house as well. Although sourcing wood from lumberyards was time-consuming and costly, we wanted to ensure true sustainability and eco-sourcing in our design.

What should we be packing to bring along to Manali?

A few good books, portable speakers, trainers, and a Swiss Army Knife!


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