The all-white Nico dress

People throw the term ‘iconic’ around pretty loosely, but if there ever was an in-house style we think is destined for that tag, it’s our Nico dress. With its classic cinch-and-flare silhouette, our summer line includes a fresh variant of this style, this time in a pristine, unadorned, and summer-ready white.

It is almost monastic in its simplicity, but this time is accompanied by a pair of slim-fit trousers, allowing anybody who chooses it to wear the dress as-is or layer it for a modern spin on the classic kurta pyjama. We love any article of clothing that works overtime, and that is why this is a dress that sells out fast, and it’s not just our beloved guests who’re buying, it’s all of us here in-house.

The all-white Nico dress

Some of the ladies who’re loving it are also the people behind Nicobar’s art direction, visual design, and communication. We plucked a bunch of our badass creative babes off their desks one afternoon and had them play dress-up and talk to us about their own style, and how they’d make this blank canvas their own.

The all-white Nico dress
Deborah Difiore, art director at Nicobar

Who: Deborah Difiore, art director at Nicobar

What you do: I wish to be an artist : )

Your usual style?
I see colours and I love geometric shapes =  Sonia Delaunay, but my first priority is always to feel comfortable and myself.

How would you wear the Nico dress?
Over a  t-shirt, blue jeans, and with lipstick, or as a dress, with sneakers, hoops, and a messy bun.

“I don’t subscribe to style in the strictest sense, so I’ll wear the pants and dress set with whatever pair of shoes I have on.”

Jenny Arora, visual designer at Nicobar

Who: Jenny Arora

What you do: Visual designer at Nicobar

Your usual style? I wear whatever I can lay my hands on first thing every morning

How’d you wear the Nico dress?  I don’t subscribe to style in the strictest sense, so I’ll wear the pants and dress set with whatever pair of shoes I have on at the moment—could be kicks, could be boots, the sky’s really the limit.


The all-white Nico dress

Who: Megha Goswami

What you do: Visual designer at Nicobar

Your usual style:  Lots of colour and jewellery to match the occasion (think a pair of large silver jhumkis or even the smallest drop of pearl strung through the ears), but not married to anything in particular.

How you’d wear the Nico dress?  The dress set as is, with a pair of simple pearl drop earrings and the slightest flourish of colour in the form of shoes (like the pair of dull gold + fuchsia juttis worn here!)

“Any good stylist worth their salt will tell you this…you’ve got it down pat if you’ve mastered layering.”

the all-white nico dress
Sarah Ishtiaque, content writer and stylist at Nicobar

Who: Sarah Ishtiyaque

What you do: Content writer + stylist at Nicobar

Your usual style? I love layering. Any good stylist worth their salt will tell you this…you’ve got it down pat if you’ve mastered layering. And it works incredibly well that I’m cold 365 days a year, so I get to peacock comfortably all year round. Plus my mother used to tailor her own clothes when she was in college, (she was a STUNNER), and while I can’t tailor my own clothes today, I’ve got a trusted tailor back in my hometown who tailors custom stuff for me on the regular. Mum’s been a big inspiration. And our pictures at 24 are also identical…can’t say I haven’t learnt from her.

How’d you wear the Nico dress:  This one’s truly my favourite silhouette of all the styles we’ve done at Nicobar. It’s flattering on all body types (as this shoot will illustrate) and it works well in all climes. I’d throw the dress on over a bikini by the beach, or tuck it under a trench or vest, or over a turtleneck paired with denim when it’s colder. I’m always in kicks so that’s likely what you’ll find me in paired with this one. Jewellery picking is a super instinctive process for me, but I tend to gravitate towards statement earrings and dainty rings as a rule. I don’t personally wear necklaces as they get tangled in my super long hair but admire anyone that can pull them off. The Nico dress paired with a sari though is still my favourite version I’ve styled for us in the past.


The all-white nico dress
Yosha Moudgil, brand and marketing at Nicobar

Who: Yosha Moudgil

What you do: A recent grad back home after a while, now brand and marketing at Nicobar.

Your usual style? Simple, cotton/mulmul, loose, and usually with some sort of Indian element (whether an outfit or sari, or jewellery, or print, or a bindi.

How you’d wear the Nico dress: With a cute mulmul printed top, shorts and the dress as an overlay, plus sneakers, or the dress and trousers with antique silver beads (a necklace worn as a layered bracelet wound around my hands), a chaand pin on my hair (or on my dress) and kohlapuris. Or maybe, just the dress, with lots of layered silver jewellery (nothing too sparkly) and juttis.

The all-white Nico dress

Want it? Us too. Find it here.

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