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Inspired by journeys across
the Indian Ocean, in Nicobar
you’ll find a contemporary
collection that is fresh,
aspirational and curious
about the world.

We’re always open to the magic of discovery

Nicobar is, at its heart, a jump-off point for new experiences. The modern world often conspires against serendipity, but at Nicobar we’re slowing down time to welcome these accidental pleasures. We love the little things, the unexpected pops of wit and whimsy that give our days life. Our journey is fluid and open-ended: of pure wanderlust, of discovery, of spontaneity.


Our style is simple, timeless and relaxed.

Our clothing is designed with real care and attention. We focus on form, fit, and finish, and design pieces that can be worn many ways, and to suit many lifestyles. Our clothing has a story to tell, and we’re weaving these yarns into seams, under collars, and into the little details that are so often overlooked. A self assured capsule for an interconnected world, we blend elements from our Indian heritage with simple silhouettes, natural fabrics, and colors that are drawn from the world around us.


We love the things that make houses into homes.

Simplicity and detailing are the cornerstones of our collection, designed to aid you in a voyage of discovery toward creating a home you love. A chic, contemporary line of beautiful glassware, stoneware, slate & marble kitchen and cooking accessories, as well as bed and table linens, these are pieces designed to inject some tropical ease into urban dwellings.


We travel for work, for pleasure, and for inspiration.

Our streamlined, but special line of bags, clothing, and accessories is designed to be worn and carried with ease, and with each other. Whether you’re venturing across the world or on your daily commute, we want you to think about your journey, and not your packing list. There is something for every traveller, every journey, and every need.

This full moon’s extra special, and we’ve got prices to match.

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