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At Nicobar we’re creating
a modern Indian way of
living, dressing and
looking at the world.

About Us

Nicobar is so much more than just fabric and thread. At Nicobar culture and commerce intersect.

We are inspired by our namesake paradise, and we’re keeping that tropical mindset all year round, soaking it into a lifestyle tailor-made for the contemporary Indian.

Our story begins at Good Earth, and at the crossroads of craft and community. Two decades later the time is ripe for the birth of a new brand: Nicobar. Two separate entities, each with its own voice, Good Earth and Nicobar share fundamental values, and both stem from a desire to shape culture in an original and inspiring way. In Nicobar you will find a contemporary collection that is fresh, aspirational, curious about the world. Seeds of a movement, one that is ready to create a new and democratic vocabulary of design.

Nicobar is for modern consumers who seek connection with things they acquire.

Moving away from quick and compulsive purchases toward more thoughtful acquisitions, they make their own rules, bypassing big boxed stores in favour of small, independent retailers - the kind of people who care about where their coffee and their clothes come from.

We recognise that style is personal, and we believe in the beauty of the individual. Our mission is to enhance self expression, and to make thoughtful pieces that our customers will treasure, while exploring the creative edge of a rich culture, and considering how it communicates to a global audience. Modern India is our playground: rich with tradition, and at home everywhere.


A tight ecosystem of people crazy about the design and digital worlds

Our abilities and interests straddle multiple disciplines, but we have one shared vision: to create a dynamic, symbiotic brand. It takes many voices to create a movement, and Nicobar isn’t just one island, it is many. We have great advisors, great friends, and great influences, and we have big plans to cover the globe.



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