Cooking with Chef Saby

We love pretty much everything on Lavaash’s menu (more on that here) so we had to ask the folks behind the menu for two recipes that we could take home with us. The Blast Furnace is a tangy rasam-reminiscent drink which we’d happily drink all summer and keep for winter evenings, and the peasant wrap is destined to become a lunch staple in the hot months to come.
The Blast Furnace cocktail

You’ll need:
90 ml vodka
30 ml tamarind mix
6 gms fried red chilli
3 gms green chilli
Ice + mint to garnish

Muddle tamarind with fried red chilli. Add mix to shaker with Vodka. Pour over glass jar rimmed with black salt. Top up with 7up. Garnish with mint leaves, one fried red chilli, and one green chilli.
The Peasant Wrap

You’ll need:
1 lavaash or tortilla, or any flatbread you’d like to use
6 leaves (shredded) Iceberg lettuce
1/2 roasted red pepper
1/2 roasted yellow pepper
1/2 sliced onions
3 sprigs of coriander

Slather a hearty serving of hummus on the lavash, layer with lettuce, the vegetables, and coriander, and season with salt. Roll the bread tightly and evenly, and cut into smaller bite-size pieces. Garnish with coriander and hummus (or any other dip) on the side.

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