Green Curry Satay Sticks

We love a bit of Thai zing, and while we’d love to get our flavour fix on the streets of Bangkok (or, if we’re choosing, on a beach in Samui), we’ll take ours where we can get it. We caught up with the duo behind The Supper Club at their lush, green farm in Delhi, and they laid out a Thai spread for us that has us clicking our heels together and wishing we’d teleport straight onto an island.

Ankit and Savar shared a recipe for green curry satay sticks with (wait for it) only five steps. Sold.
You’ll need
250 grams of chicken, sliced into strips
Green curry paste
100 ml of coconut cream
Salt and pepper to taste finely sliced basil to garnish, and satay sticks to skewer
Mango chutney

Marinade the chicken in the coconut cream and green curry paste for at least two hours.
Skewer and cook them on a grill or a very hot skillet. Cook for three to four minutes, but be careful not to overcook the chicken.
Add that finely sliced basil to the mango chutney, and serve hot and fresh with the mango-basil chutney.

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