Le Bistro’s secret sauce

Le Bistro du Parc is great at garden-fresh salads, full of healthy and adaptable ingredients like quinoa and edamame. Their secret dressing is the key to what makes their salads fierce competition for any fried, fatty, or cheesy dish. Proprietor Naina de Bois-Juzan and head chef Abhishek Roy were kind enough to divulge the ingredients. It’s easy enough to whip up in minutes – from ingredients you probably already have at home – and goes well with any leafy green. Mix sherry vinegar and olive oil together, adding in a bit of Dijon mustard and chopped fresh dill. Squeeze in some lemon, and top with a dash of Tabasco, salt and pepper to taste, and the final touch: a sprinkling of Maggi seasoning.Naina answered the Nico Q&A; here.

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